Sunday, June 26, 2005

ways to cast a circle

got a way to cast a "ring-rond-the-alter"

eggy spells

if you cant desid wether it is dark or not post it here!!!

Monday, June 20, 2005

dark magic

this is a place for love spells and othre dark majik if you are un awaer that you are pracktising dark magic and posting it in other parts of the site you will be told!!!

merry meet all

this is a blog about wiccan spells i know that some of you do dark majik (love spells ext.) so i have a sprit place for you i do say that inpolit talk will be punished!

gentl brezese


if i missed a catigry please tell me here and i will fix this as much as i can!

wish spells

want some thing?

mentl acutness

cant pay antention in school?

dream spells

dream mesigs calling nite workings or phsick ability

wicca in genaril


adiction spells

cant stop that bad habit?

for holidays

holidays food drinks!!!

protection spells

for potection spells!!!